Thursday, October 29, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is the story of how a little girl who wants to give treats to her grandmother gets eaten, but lives to tell the tale and another near death experience. Little Red Riding Hood has themes such as maturation and naïveness embedded into it. This comic explores a possible thought that the wolf had after he swallowed Red’s grandmother whole. He said, “There’s no way she’s gonna to fall for this”, to himself. What if Red was mature enough to see past the hat and figure out the Wolf’s sly trick? Fortunately for the Wolf, Red only got her red hood, not the symbolism of being reborn. When Red makes her “typical” comments such as, “Oh Grandma! What big teeth you have!” and “Oh Grandma! What a big nose you have!”, the Wolf is quite relieved and stunned that Red’s naïveness is so strong. This could be due to being babied for much of her life, as brought up by (I believe) Emma in her written letter. Red hasn’t had the chance to experience life and make little to no harm mistakes.
This comic is a social comic due to the fact that it was created on Reddit, a very non serious website. It is clearly making fun of Red’s naïveness on its surface, not the symbolism under it.
This comic stood out to me for a few reasons; one was purely the art style. But the content was ultimately the reason I chose to analyze this comic. It is very blunt and to the point, but the story of Little Red Riding Hood must be known to understand it. Other than that, it was cute. If I were in the Wolf’s position in the tale, I would be more concerned for Red than for my cover. If something itches at me, I will call it out, in person to a human that might change, or at a TV that won’t respond to me at all. It relieves a bit of stress, for me at least.   
Author: TubeyToons

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