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            The best way to reflect about what I wrote is to talk about it!
             In the first blog, which I felt like I just wrote, I mentioned goals I had for the class and why I picked this class. I only picked this class because it had Disney in the title. Initially I had second thoughts about this FYS but I really enjoyed it. Before this class, I never read or saw Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, HoodWinked, or Silence of the Lambs. While I only hated, with the strongest use of the word one of these movies, and wish I didn’t see that certain one, I at least somewhat liked the others. It was fun to read the original tale that takes 15 minutes if it’s a longer one, then see how Disney appropriated, or as I said in my first blog “Disneyified”. I never would have guessed that the 7 Dwarves were just functions of the plot based on what Disney did to Snow White. At family gatherings, I ask others what they think about the tale. After they mention a Disney exclusive topic, I explain that its wrong. It’s always a fun time.

            In the second blog, I had to write a working definition for a fairytale, and I wrote “A fairytale has fantastical forces and beings, but it also has, imagination, curiosity, excitement, simplistic symbolism a way of bringing you back to your childhood and most of all, it has magic. I hope this is a worthy definition of the term fairytale.” After seeing at least 7 movies adapted from fairytales, I know this definition IS worthy.

            The third blog was comparing the original tale of Hansel and Gretel with the MGM version starring Cloris Leachman. I knew Hansel and Gretel as 2 kids that got lost in a forest, if that much. Now I know that the kids were forced out of the house and had to fight for their lives from a cannibalistic queen.

            The fourth blog was explaining the reality of the “Rags to Riches” motif found it Cinderella. I don’t know why, but Cinderella’s character just annoyed me. Therefore, this blog was a tougher one to write, but I got to incorporate my soap opera into it! The point is, the “Rags to Riches” motif does exist out of the entertainment world. Also, Cinderella started the se*ualization of simple things. I rememeber that Cinderella’s glass slipper symbolized a vagina and her leg represented the “shooter”, but I don’t recall the reasoning behind it.

            The fifth blog was similar to the third blog, but with Snow White. I was shocked that Disney felt like it was ok to mangle the original Snow White. He left out to murder attempts, gave the 7 Dwarves personalities and made Snow White have to get true loves kiss to wake her up. This reminds me how much I hated Snow White’s singing and how my dislike of Disney started,

            The sixth blog was comparing The Frog Prince, or Iron Henry and Cupid and Psyche. I liked Iron Henry’s character. That was the only enjoyable thing about this blog because the princess was very bratty and I could imagine her and the story of Cupid and Psyche was very hard to follow.

            The seventh blog was finding a cartoon about Little Red Riding Hood, and dissecting it. I thought Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the wolf and that was the end of that. But I was very wrong. This continued upon the se*ualization of simple things. The Red Riding Hood is supposed to represent menstrual blood. Initially that seems crazy, but if menstruation is looked as maturing, and the hood pushes Little Red to do something mature, the link is seen, barely, but seen.

            The eighth blog was about Fitchers Bird, Robbers Bridegroom, and BlueBeard. I hated all 3 of these tales. This only showed me that fairytales can be dark and not have a happy ending.

            The ninth blog was like the third and fifth blog but with Rapunzel. I knew Rapunzel had long hair and was stuck in a tower. The fairytale expanded on this idea. This blog let me have the opportunity to watch Tangled!!! I loved Tangled, but not for the Rapunzel aspects …

            The tenth and final blog is this blog about reflecting upon past blogs and the class. Each class was a different experience because Dr. Esa is an interesting individual with differing attitudes at differing things. But the 3 things I will always remember from this class are A) Zeitgeist is a German word meaning spirit of the time and the different approaches at one tale can most likely be attributed somewhat to zeitgeist and B) Magic is at the heart of all fairytales and C) to SHOW something NOT tell it.

            This class has inspired me to read other fairytales with movie adaptations, watch the corresponding movie, and analyze it based off analysis’ done in class. All in all, this class was a journey worth taking.


This blog made me think of a certain episode of my soap. On its 52nd anniversary, it flashbacked to the first episode by having current actors, fill the shoes of the original actors.



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