Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Snow White Panto Review

The Snow White Panto was an interesting show to watch. It had a twisted sense of humor that could easily offend someone. But other than that it felt like a few fairytales and a couple of other stories all had hanky panky with each other and had this child. Having many parents sounds interesting but it can get very messy very fast. 

As I was watching the Panto, I was thinking of a more appropriate title. I came up with CinderThorneIng White and Company. As I said before, this show would have had many parents. First is Snow White because it had a vain queen and other Snow White themes, such as 7 woman disliking dwarves and a poisoned apple. Cinderella made her way into the Panto because Prince Charming, who seemed slower than McDaniels internet, lost his hat as he ran off and Snow White found the hat when she was a maid. This mirrors Cinderella because Cinderella was a maid for sometime and Prince Charming found her slipper as she was running off. During this portion of the Panto, a Sleeping Beauty song was played to move the story along. At one point the evil queen, who was written to be a character you love to hate, made an amnesia or brainwashing potion to get rid of Snow White, much like Hugh and Dominic did in Winterthorne. Muddles, a fun made up character, was brainwashed to kill Snow White, playing a similar role to the Huntsman. Other stories such as Goldilocks and Romeo and Juliet made their way into the Panto, by Snow White using various chairs, spoons, and beds as she first went into the Dwarves house and having Prince Charming and Snow White alternate small soliloquy like monologues when one thought the other was dead. 

As I said before, the Panto had many parents, but Snow White cared for it the most. But the original Grimm tale and the Disney movie had an equally large presence. The Grimm version came through when the Dwarves seemed afraid of Snow White purely because she was a woman. Also, the marriage wasn't shown, which is true to the original tale. 

But the Disney version came through when Muddles called up a little girl to the stage to say what Snow White needs. The little girl said true loves kiss, which is what she needs in the Disney version, but what Snow White truly needed was a clear throat via coughing, having her head yanked back to look up, or getting dropped by a clumsy guard. 

The 2 versions of Snow White agreed with each other when the 7 Dwarves had very minor roles, to the point where the dancers were more important, but they each had their own personality. Grimm told the Dwarves to be minor, but Disney said give them personalities!

All and all, the Snow White Panto was very interesting because of all of the influences it had, from Disney to Shakespeare it was a very entertaining show. 
                                                Notice there is more than one picture
This is Dominic from Winterthorne

This is Hugh from Winterthorne

These are Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty

This is Miranda from Winterthorne. She is included for the pure reason that she is a great character that looks so breathtaking in this clip from the series. PS: She delivers a very great b*tchslap. This is also included because, my blog my rules.

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