Wednesday, December 2, 2015

International Talent Show Review

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The multicultural talent show was very unique. It's structure was awful but the content made up for that. The pieces of the show were mostly music, but a few other arts such as a poem and a dance showed up. 

             I really enjoyed the first performance, Mariah’s. She played a song about how she will do this that and the other thing, tomorrow. This may sound entertaining, but singing it in German made it very beautiful and Mariah’s voice was the icing on the cake. It was a great start to the awful structure that followed. My next favorite part was the man that had the various flutes and other instruments. He played 7 different tunes from the USA to Arabia and back. Some of the tunes were beautifully selected, while some were an artistic choice to include. It was the most unique part of the entire show.

               I've been bad mouthing the structure but not explaining what I mean. First, the audio of the event was awful, and the easiest fix for that is to select a different location on campus. Also, the order seemed silly. Singing should have been more distributed and the largest piece, the dance, should have ended the show. If those 2 things were fixed, then the show would be improved greatly. It was very nice to see both MCs participating in the show. They must have been stressed trying to plan this show, and having 2 important roles in the show sounds mind boggling stressful. 

A multicultural map!


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